A new burger spot offering what they call fast casual dining has officially opened their doors to the public. Suns Out Buns Out opened on May 3rd at 295 E Emmett St. in Battle Creek. The café is under Greensmith studios and already they're looking forward to serving all of Battle Creek their "Bussin Burgs and Slappin Fries." They dropped the announcement recently on their Facebook, with some important information about how guests will be served and the overall dining experience:

We will be accepting card only, so please try to understand. We thought long and hard about it because we are cash people, but for our business it just makes sense. We will be accepting cash app, Apple Pay, google pay, and Samsung pay also. So all the ‘pays’
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The other major change to their service is that there will be no waitstaff, so there will be no table service. As stated before, they define themselves as “fast casual.” From what I gather it'll be similar to many other fast casual places where you walk in and go up to the counter, order your meal, get your drink, and pay. Then you get handed a number and you can find a seat. There is patio seating available and then one of their food runners will bring your food to you.
The owners are super excited to be in this new storefront, and Battle Creek has seen a wave of new restaurants that are expanding the pallet. This gourmet burger spot saw a big opening day and seem excited about being a part of the food culture in Southwest Michigan.

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