It's no secret I think Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters is one of the coolest dudes on the planet.  He just seems like one of those guys that could easily be anyone's friend.  Combine that with the fact that does stuff that allows him to interact with regular people like us much the same way Bill Murray does with ordinary people.  So is it too far-fetched to think that Dave Grohl might have bought a house in my neighborhood?  Jack White bought that house in Kalamazoo!!!

Photo by McKelly

My wife Karla and I were walking the dog the other night and happened to see a garage open that very rarely is.  Low and behold there it was, a beat up 4-Runner with his vanity plate.  He drives a 4-Runner right???  I'm not sure.  We're not THAT good of friends yet.  Hey, he just moved in!!!  Cut me some slack!!!  Anyway, we hope to have the Grohls over soon now that the Busfields are moving.