To someone who isn't from Michigan, the number of things that have been invented here can be surprising. Important things like hospital beds, fiber optics, automotive assembly lines and so much more including this very...interesting invention out of Battle Creek. Well...maybe important isn't the right term for this one...

And then, of course, we have things that may not be deemed important but have certainly been enjoyed by people across the country. Cereal, for example, was created by both Kellogg's and Post right here in Michigan.

With that being said, it shouldn't be surprising that the breakfast pastry, Pop-Tarts, was also invented here in Michigan. But, did you know that the inventor of the Pop-Tart is alive and well and lives in Grand Rapids?

Recently, WWMT News Channel 3 sat down with 94-year-old Bill Post (no relation to the Post cereal brand), the man we have to thank for the Pop-Tart.

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Named the "Father of the Pop-Tart" Mr. Post went through the process of how the Pop-Tart came into existence. He, in the year 1964, he was contacted by Kellogg's because they were trying to come up with a product that could be toasted but, were at a loss of how to make that happen.

They knew they could make a single layer of dough, but couldn't figure out how to include a filling. Over the next few months, Mr. Post and his team had to, basically, invent a new machine that could create two sheets of dough simultaneously and place filling in between. And it worked.

Next, came the frosting which, according to Post, was perfected in a single day. He brought home products for his kids so he could get their opinions. They loved them. And now, here we are, with a multitude of different Pop-Tart flavors enjoyed by millions of people.

You can read more about Bill Post's journey, how they got the Pop-Tarts to market, and more here.

It just goes to show that you can't always listen to the negative comments from those around you. In his interview, Post said that a lot of people around him were doubtful of the idea saying it wouldn't work. Whoops.

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