You know me.  I'm always touting the great things about living in Michigan and even the Great Lakes area.  I won't say the Midwest because we've seen some events I'd rather not be a part of.  Let me reiterate that we don't have devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, wild fires, mudslides, tsunamis, etc.  We do, however, have tornadoes which are no laughing matter.  Fortunately, there haven't been any since 1980 that have had tragic, loss-of-life circumstances.

Have we become somewhat complacent or have the tornadic events been so minor that we just don't worry?  According to the National Weather Service a tornado was detected around 6:25pm yesterday (Sunday) between Dowling and Maple Grove in Berry County.  It did touch down for about 3 minutes with winds of 75-80 miles an hour and damaged a barn and some trees.  So, unlike what we've seen already this season in other parts of the middle of the country, we kind of shrugged it off as not much more than a blip.  It makes me nervous with weather changing that we could be in store for a big one.  Let's hope not.

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