Usually when a recall is announced it has to do with food or some kind of safety issue.  Along with the automotive recalls we've had so far this year, there were also recalls for cookies, chicken, barbies, drills, flour, infant medicine, fruit, canned spaghetti and even marijuana.  I guess this latest recall does fall within the realm of safety.

In an article on, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants consumers, tattoo artists and retailers to be aware of some tattoo inks that have been recalled because they are contaminated with bacteria.  These inks can cause infections and lead to serious health issues when injected into the skin.  The FDA wants the public to ask their artists about the inks before they have the process done.  Some of the inks recalled are black ink by Scalp Aesthetics and Dynamic Color as well as red ink by Color Art Inc.  For more information click HERE.





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