It looks like a forgone conclusion that marijuana will be legal for recreational use at some time this year and possibly as soon as today.  Our friends at FOX 17 report that midnight tonight is the deadline for lawmakers to pass the bill that will make Michigan totally weed friendly.

Here's the interesting point... Republicans, many of whom appose such a law, want to take care of legalization in the house in order to control the content.  Democrats are saying they want the people to decide exactly what this new law will look like.  What neither of them are saying is their are other reasons.

Rumors have been circulating that Republicans want the law passed now so Democrats, especially younger voters, will have one less issue to go to the polls for in November thereby diminishing the overall Democratic turnout.  And, contrarily, Democrats want more reasons for those in their party to vote.  They figure that if someone is going to the polls on this issue they'll find other things in the booth to vote for or against.  We'll have to wait and see.  If you want more responses from lawmakers click HERE.

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