Winter's pretty much here, so snow will start popping up in the forecast for Michigan. In fact, we're due for a possible significant snow event as I'm writing this.

So hopefully you're properly prepared for the weather event, but are you also one of these five "Snow Bros" that live in Michigan?

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Typically, when a snow event is imminent, Michiganders take proper precautions. We stock up on a little extra food, get our equipment and salts ready to clear driveways and vehicles, and we make sure generators are properly gassed up, and plenty of firewood is cut and ready for fireplaces.

But where there are some perfectly normal people who prepare for snow storms, there are also a swarm of "Snow Bros" who just go a LITTLE too far when snow is in the forecast.

Are you one of these Snow Bros?

The Five Snow Bros of Michigan

Carport Collapses Under Weight of Snow in Kalamazoo

Guess you should have shoveled the roof.

Gallery Credit: Meatball/TSM


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