On July 13, 2023 the Dollar Drive-Thru was a day of people coming and going to traveler‘s Café and pub in portage, dropping large and small bills to help fight hunger in Kalamazoo County.

All the money raised in the Dollar Drive, Thru has tremendous buying power, and with one act of kindness, a Kalamazoo kid was willing to put phone aside and instead provide 1000 meals to people in the community. This may be the best part of the entire event.
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The boy, who arrived with his father, is a perfect example of what community is all about. The moment the gentleman approached me. He began to well up in tears begin to fill his eyes as he explained how much 1077 RKR are meant to him.
Back in 2000 RKR did a promotion around the holidays called the RKR Christmas Wish where they would grant a wish for a local family and provide gifts for a family in need. As a child, the gentleman sold his bicycle to pay for bills while his mom was having a lot of health issues . After writing a letter to the radio station, RKR granted their Christmas wish and delivered a brand new bicycle to him along with other gifts for the family.
This gesture has stayed with him for the last 23 years and now a full-circle moment took place, when his child donated $100 to the Dollar Drive Thru. The buying power of one dollar can be multiplied by 10, so his donation was able to provide 1000 meals for families in the community.
To say it was an emotional moment is an understatement as we all got choked up, talking about the situation, and remembering how impactful something like that can be for somebody. It just goes to show how important these events can be.
We will hopefully have a total soon and update how many families lives will be impacted by the generosity of those in the community. We thank everybody who took place in this event, and look forward to doing this again next year.

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