When We talk about Downtown Battle Creek and Downtown Kalamazoo there are a lot of great businesses that come to mind from Schlotzsky's, Bell's Eccentric Café, Old Dog, Shakespeare's, Griffin Grille and more. All of these are fantastic options and anyone visiting or from Kalamazoo should at least be hitting places like this up when downtown. But there are also some great watering holes and shops a little off the beaten path that don't get as much love or attention because it's not located off of the "main street" and that's something one local business in Muskegon wanted to hit on.

Recently Bethany, the owner of The Only Cannoli, had been debating on making this type of post, but one of the most commonly asked questions she gets is, “Why are you on 3rd Street?” This prompted her to take to Facebook to address the importance of supporting local businesses that may be tucked away:

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We get it, it’s not the most buzzing street in Muskegon. But what it lacks in a surplus of businesses, it makes up for in character. And to be quite frank with you, as a truly small business owner I could not afford to move to the elusive Western Ave. What do I mean by truly small business owner? I mean this business started with just personal money towards this dream. There’s never been a secret investor, donor, or business sugar daddy. So what do I need from you? Remember that we’re here. I’m currently without any next door neighbors which has been making things extra slower than normal.

She proceeds to shout out her nearby business owners, which you can check out here. I feel like this was perfectly warranted and more small businesses set apart from the downtown area should get more love. What are some of your favorite places tucked away in Southwest Michigan?

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