"I have driven down all of Detroit's 2100 streets, ask me anything." That's what a Detroit Free Press reporter said recently. And what he told us was fascinating.

The questions and answered appeared recently on reddit as an 'Ask Us Anything.' The AMA was done by Bill McGraw, whose story is called Driving Detroit.

Here's what we found the most interesting.

  • Detroit is 139 square miles, of that, there are 24 square miles of vacant land in Detroit that were once either housing or manufacturing areas.
  • Detroit has a poor mass transit system. The reporter believes that dooms any hope the city has in claiming Amazon's HQ.
  • There are "feral streets" in Detroit - streets that have been overtaken by vegetation
  • His favorite street in the city is Vinewood, one block from Grand River Avenue, due to the old houses that line the street.
  • How cheaply can you really buy a house in Detroit? "I don't know about $5. I have read some people have bought a house for $100, and I know someone who bought one for $600, and that one required massive renovation."

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