We continue to try and find positives, silver linings, bright spots, lights at the end of the tunnel, etc.  They've been few and far between but this week we'll, at least, get lights and far between.  Plus, the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus crisis have resulted in less pollution which has cleared skies and made this week's event more enjoyable.  In addition, it gives us something to do while we're staying at home.

It's called the Lyrid Meteor Shower and many say it's the most famous of it's kind.  This is the peak week and tonight it will display it's best for Michiganders.  According to NASA, the peak is mid April and humans have been fascinated by it for more that 2,600 years.  The team at EarthSky say that you could see 100 meteors an hour.  How's that for quarantine entertainment.  So gather the family in the yard and check out the light show and remember, it could be a lot worse for the price.  Wait...where have I heard that before?

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