Remember the rumor that sometime in the 80s & 90s multiple people claimed to have seen Elvis at a Burger King in Kalamazoo? Well, there may be some validity to that rumor, as I just discovered that during the '60s & '70s, Elvis apparently had his own office right here in Kalamazoo, at the former Columbia Hotel. The KPL has more information on this, in an article discussing the building's history:

Perhaps as a testament to the Columbia’s popularity, it is said that during the 1960s and 1970s Elvis Presley made the hotel his headquarters whenever he was in town. Even today a room on the second floor has been set aside as his office, officially listed as such on the building’s directory. The room is furnished with Elvis-related memorabilia. Suite 201 of the Columbia Plaza building in downtown Kalamazoo was Elvis Presley’s office when he visited Kalamazoo…The story goes that Elvis used to visit Kalamazoo back in the 1960s and 70s so that he could stop by the Gibson Guitar factory.

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Talking about this on air over the weekend actually prompted someone to reach out to us through the CHAT button on our app, confirming he was indeed sighted. Jean says:

I worked at Burger King in Kalamazoo in 89 to 90 and actually saw ELVIS it was very cool.

How have people spotted "The King" years after he was said to have passed away? Maybe it was his spirit coming back to get his hands on a Whopper. Whether it was real or not, people will never forget his unforgettable performance at the Wings Event Center.


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