The Bissell Pet Foundation, which says its "Empty The Shelters" adoption effort that began in 2016 has been able to place some 96,000 pets into homes across the country. And for Summer 2022, it will (pardon the pun) embark on a major effort to place shelter dogs and cats in forever homes.

Adoption saves two lives – the adopted pet and the one who takes their place in the shelter.

This summer's event goes for almost three weeks, from July 11th through 31st. One of the inducements to do it now is the reduction of adoption fees to $25 or less.

“Shelters are calling me daily and BISSELL Pet Foundation is feeling the burden of overcrowding. With the euthanasia of homeless dogs up 22% in just the first quarter of 2022 alone, we knew we had to act quickly to help at-risk pets. Empty the Shelters is the largest funded adoption event in the country, and by extending the event to three weeks, we can help meet the immediate need to save lives.” - Bissell Pet Foundation founder Cathy Bissell

One of the sobering statistics this year is that dog euthanasia rates are up 22%. This is one way to help lower that.

While in the immediate Kalamazoo area, the SPCA of Southwest Michigan is a participant, there are some 250 shelters across 42 states that will be participating, too. Here's how to find a shelter near you, and keep in mind there are some pre-approval deadlines at some shelters, but "all potential adopters are screened by qualified adoption counselors at every participating location to ensure each pet is matched with the right family", according to the BPF.

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