While the City of Kalamazoo has closed parks, Portage parks remain open but basketball, tennis and pickelball courts are closed.

NOTE: Information is rapidly changing as officials address the COVID-19 situation and take measures to contain the pandemic. The information in this article was current as of 4/13/20.

After a weekend of observing large gatherings, the City of Kalamazoo closed all parks on April 11. City parks remain open in Portage, with some limitations. Restroom facilities remain locked and closed and basketball, tennis and pickelball courts are off-limits, as are hands-on playground equipment and toys. A statement posted at Lexington Green reads:

All hands-on equipment in our parks are closed including playground equipment, exercise equipment, and picnic pavilions that have tables. However, all Portage city parks and green spaces will remain open to the community.

Portage Mayor Joe La Margo had this to say on the City's website:

We regret having to close the tennis and pickleball courts, as so many Portagers enjoy these activities. However, we must ensure that we are doing everything we can to stem the spread of COVID-19 and to comply with Governor Whitmer’s order.

-City of Portage Manager Joe La Margo

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