Forget what happens on Saturdays in East Lansing or Ann Arbor. True football fans in Michigan know the best rivalry in the state exists between Central Michigan and Western Michigan. Now there's a movement to get ESPN's 'College Gameday' program to Mount Pleasant for the 2016 WMU-CMU game.

Bring College Gameday to Mount Pleasant October 1

Presbyterian v Central Michigan
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An online petition drive has been started and argues,

The teams are off to incredible starts and are both currently undefeated; CMU got a nearly impossible win and pulled off what might just be the best play of the year against the 22nd ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys in Week 2. WMU has beaten two Big Ten teams in Northwestern and Illinois (in fact, they crushed Illinois 34-10). There is so much excitement surrounding this game that it's almost indescribable.

The idea also has the support of the staff of the Detroit Free Press with sportswriter (and, like this author, a Chippewa alum) Brian Manzullo arguing,

Both teams are favored to enter the game with a 4-0 record -- WMU plays Georgia Southern on Saturday, while CMU travels to play a brutally bad Virginia team -- and already have three combined wins against Power 5 teams in non-conference play.

So what do you say, Bronco fan? Join together with your brother and sister Chippewas by signing the petition and let's convince ESPN to showcase this great rivalry.

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