In college football fandom, it might be difficult to find a more reviled fan base than the one that cheers on the Michigan Wolverines.

The Angry Wolverine Fan

What is it about U of M fans that brings out their worst traits? A short video started making the rounds after the Wolverines defeated the Colorado Buffalos showing a U of M fan proudly sticking two middle fingers in the air at, um we're not sure who. But it doesn't matter when you wear the blue and gold.


What is he even angry at? They won.

It's not just the flipping off. It's the style of the flip-off. The fingers aren't pointed straight in the air, they're turned inward toward each other and crooked. And then there's the dismissive wave after as if whatever Michigan Fan is angry at isn't even worth the effort to extend the middle fingers, yet he did. There's something all of it that's just so Michigan.

This is not the first time Wolverine fans have expressed displeasure in the similar fashion. One doesn't need to be an expert lip reader to figure this fan out.

The Sad Wolverine Fan

To be fair, anger isn't the only emotion of which Michigan Fan is capable. They can also express sadness and disbelief, most famously after a crushing last-second loss during the 2015 campaign to Michigan State on a muffed punt.

The Wal-Mart Wolverines

The lowly Wolverine fans were even the subject of this Pure Michigan parody, picking on, in particular that breed of fan known as the Wal-Mart Wolverine.

Caution, there is some NSFW language ahead.

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