Every parent who sends their kids away to college always has the same concerns about them trying to stay away from the temptations of college life and stay focused on getting a good education and succeeding in the college atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is just no escaping those temptations, and most likely, kids will use the college experience to try new things and let loose a little bit.

Unfortunately, letting loose can lead to several violent crimes and unfortunately, one of the most dangerous college campuses in the country is in Ohio. It actually may be a strange coincidence that there is a rivalry between the number one and number two most dangerous college campuses. Unfortunately, Ohio State University was once again upped by the University of Michigan, but this is not one subject you want to be number one in.

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According to degreechoices.com, the number of violent crimes that were reported between 2019 and 2021 on campuses ranked Ohio State University as the second most dangerous campus in the country behind the University of Michigan.

The one good thing Ohio State University can take away from this is that there was nearly 1/3 the number of violent crimes reported (583 to 1,468) than the University of Michigan in this period you can view the full ranking table here, but only combines murder, negligent, manslaughter, and non-negligent manslaughter.

All other dangerous crimes were not categorized on this list. I guess this is one time that Ohio State doesn’t mind being second behind them, but it’s still not good.

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