With firearm deer season opening on Thursday, so many issues come up every year.  From gun control to the treatment of animals to conservation.  Earlier this year I posted that Meijer was giving free licenses to the next generation.  Not necessarily because it was a cool thing to do (which it was) but probably because they were seeing what many of us are: There are less deer hunters every year and this year the trend continues.

It's no secret that each "next' generation is less interested in hunting and the family traditions that surround it.  However, the last 2 generations have found other things that have really taken it's place like, most obviously, social media and video games.  Now I don't wanna be the "get off my lawn guy" but it's true and it's really nobody's fault.  It's just the way it is.  By all accounts it looks like there will be around 150,000 less hunters this year than there were in 1998.  With that, several problems affect everyone.  The deer population grows unchecked and that means more deer/car accidents.  Check out more of the unfortunate ramifications by clicking HERE.


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