We have seen the rise and fall of popular stores, especially in our malls across the entire country. It’s quite surprising, considering that in other countries, malls are thriving now more than ever, but in the United States, more and more malls are closing as well as many of the shops that frequent those malls.

Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, many stores have gone into bankruptcy, or have had to consolidate stores because of declining sales, which has led to the closure of many local locations. According to WSJ Pro, there is another popular apparel retailer that is preparing for possible bankruptcy within the next couple of weeks, which may be the death blow for all Ohio locations.

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Express is preparing for debt reconstruction and possible bankruptcy within the next couple of weeks after they hired M3 and Kirkland and Ellis to advise on some financial discussions they had with lenders. However, the Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Glendinning is confident this won’t be the end of the Express by any means in a transcribed meeting that was had recently:

Our team here at Express believes in the full potential of our business, recognizes the current challenges, and is actively engaged in driving the changes that will restore liquidity and move the business back to profitability.

Currently, Express has 12 stores in operation in Ohio, two of which are located in Columbus alone, between the following cities:

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