Let me first open up and say I don't care what religion you practice, as long as you're not interfering or endangering anyone else's way of life, I feel everyone should believe what they want to believe. I mean take it from me, I believe that the Ojibwe story of Nanaboozhoo slapping Paul Bunyan with a Walleye, causing him to fall, and having his ass imprint forming Red Lake is most likely real.

But sometimes people cross the line and once again, we have to talk about our good neighbors to the south and this time it's personal. How do you take one of the most iconic arena rock songs and turn it into a goofy ass song about putting on the armor of Jesus and then getting on stage and rapping over the verse and lip-syncing the whole thing?

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@_delbelcher 2023 is going to be amazing.... h/t Christian Nightmares #eyeofthewhybother#cringe#wtf#weirdexvangelicaltok#Deconstruction#Evangelical#exvangelical #CapCut♬ Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
This may have taken place at the Now Church in Ohio which is where the muscly guy who was shaking his ass and flexing his glutes for the churchgoers is said to perform. Nick and Haley Gaglione make up the iconic 2 For Christ and they apparently take bookings at other churches as well.
I can kind of see why they chose Eye of the Tiger to cover considering what the song is about, but I don’t think we needed the parenthetical note to know this is a Christian version. Let's just be thankful they'll stay away from Judas Priest.

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