Yesterday afternoon, as I was getting ready to head out to dinner with friends, I happened to glance out my patio door. The sun was shining, the squirrels were chasing each other up trees at lightening fast speed, and the birds were - wait - I did a double take.  There was the tiniest little bird sitting on my deck.  Birds don't do that, at least not on my deck.  I don't have baths or feeders welcoming the little creatures in, so I assumed it was either ill or injured.  I decided to further investigate, and, just as I suspected, this bird wasn't moving for anything in the world. I decided to name it "Pickles", as I have no idea of the gender, and it was, obviously, in quite a pickle if it decided on my deck. I suppose this is good time to say that I don't like birds.  They scare the crap out of me, actually.  But I knew I had to do something... I mean, to quote Nelly Lovett from Sweeney Todd, "It's just my heart, Dear.  Room enough for all of God's creatures."

Stefani Bishop

So, I filled a plastic container lid with water and brought it outside.  Very carefully (and probably hilariously to onlookers), I scooted this lid up next to the bird with the precision and patience of Indiana Jones... and then I RAN back inside shrieking "Oh God it moved.  IT MOVED!"  I think I shivered and was close to tears for about a half-hour after that. Damn, Nature - you scary. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and headed out for the evening. Later, when I returned home, I psyched myself up to check on my feathered roomie and put some vegetable scraps down, hoping Pickles might be able to eat something.

It was far too dark this morning to check to see if Pickles was still hanging around, but if s/he is, what should I do?  I've never cared for a bird before, and between my slight ornithophobia and my lack of veterinary degree, I don't know what to look for to see if Pickles is on the mend or needs further care.  Any advise?