Good to see the 2020 pandemic we're currently going through hasn't soured all of us. Case in point: The Belle Tire crew on Gull Rd. going the extra mile to help out a stuck motorist.

Now I'm only speculating here because its happened to me before but it appears the driver thought he could just pull forward, make a turn onto the highway and be on his way. What he didn't realize of course, is that the concrete parking lot bumper wasn't going to have any of that. As a result, the undercarriage of the vehicle lands on top of the parking lot barrier and the vehicle becomes lodged atop of it, stuck, with no where to go.

That's when Kenneth Ballinger (gentlemen who shot the video) states: "Here comes the cavalry", referring to of course, the fantastic workers at Belle Tire on Gull Rd.

And just as quickly as they arrived, they depart, as if this were just part of any ordinary day at Belle Tire. If you read the Facebook comments from Kenneth's page, no one seems surprised or shocked at this group of guys from Belle Tire who take a quick moment out of their busy workday to assist someone in need.

Sue Owens Murphy: Belle Tires always goes above and beyond for me. Great group of guys there!! Nice!

Ashlee Candiente-Ulsh: This is why we only go to Belle tire they helped us out on some tires 3 years ago and now we only go there ! Good job guys!!

Alice Slayton-Cronk: Bless their hearts!! Now that’s what you call teamwork!! Kudos, Belle Tire!! 

I'll second the over 400 positive comments on Facebook - thank you Belle Tire Gull Road for the positive teamwork and taking just a few minutes out of your busy day to make our world a little bit better - you guys rock!!

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