For fans who love to experiencing live music, this news is going to feel like Christmas morning. With just a modicum of hype, Bell's made the big reveal on Friday, July 9th, at Noon.

Live concerts are returning to Bell's Beer Garden and Bell's Eccentric Cafe, beginning in August. Almost all the shows are set for the Back Room but there are a couple that will be in the beer garden.

Here's the schedule announced today:

  • Aug 9 The Lone Bellow
  • Aug 22 KT Tunstall
  • Sept 3 Steppin In It (Beer Garden concert)
  • Sept 8 Son Little
  • Sept 24 Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers (Beer Garden concert)
  • Sept 25 The North 41
  • Oct 1 Mustard Plug
  • Oct 8 Pokey LaFarge
  • Oct 10 ZoSo: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience
  • Oct 17 Bob Mould Solo Electric: Distortion and Blue Hearts!
  • Oct 24 Satsang
  • Oct 29 I Am Kawehi

And then looking ahead to 2022, two shows are on the books already:

Feb 22, 2022 Gaelic Storm
Oct 10, 2022 Southern Culture On The Skids

Some of the acts might be familiar to various fans. KT Tunstall had a hit song with Black Horse and Cherry Tree. Kawehi is a one women band who has become an internet sensation, with among others, doing covers of Nirvana. Local 90's music fans will remember Mustard Plug. Zoso is an Led Zeppelin tribute band. Pokey LaFarge does traditional and non-traditional American Blues and Country and Western from the past century. The North 41 is a Funk/Rock band from Chicago. Son Little is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles.

All the artist and ticket information is on this page.

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