There's a handful of things to see and do at this little place in Three Rivers:
Scidmore Park.

Sitting along the Rocky River, there is a petting zoo, playground, duck ponds, picnic area, walking paths.....and an old field stone lighthouse. The lighthouse is the most curious thing in the park, located at the junction of the Rocky River & St. Joseph River.

I've been trying to find out where this lighthouse came from and what its origin is, but came up empty. I know it's been there since the 1950s but I'm curious as to where it originally sat. Regarding its size, I'm assuming it never was a working lighthouse, but for display purposes only.

Across from the park is the old abandoned Three Rivers hospital, which many people feel is haunted. You can check out that story by clicking HERE.

It's a nice little roadside stop to visit sometime...there is something for the whole family!


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