As we've chronicled for several months following the legalization of recreational marijuana, there continues to be more questions than answers.  Despite the fact that marijuana is legal to grow, possess and consume, there are no outlets available to buy recreationally.  Add to that the recent limitation and closing of medical marijuana establishments seems to be moving things in the opposite direction.  But the most concerning issue to proponents is the increasing number of municipalities banning the sale outright.

Well one entity in one community in West Michigan actually voted down an ordinance that restricted marijuana commerce.  A story in the Grand Haven Tribune reports that the city's Planning Commission actually voted to deny the City Council's recommended Zoning Ordinance ban on recreational marijuana facilities.  But before anyone gets excited this may only be symbolic because the City Council does not require the Planning Commission's recommendation to approve a change in the ordinance.  But hey, at least they looked rationally at the situation and voted out of common sense and not short-sightedness.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.


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