Hold my beer. We have a beer mystery to solve. A really good beer mystery. The suspect brewery has an excellent line of tempting beverages that include a fresh, flavorful IPA, a crisp crushable light lager, a judiciously dry-hopped beverage blended with Michigan pride and Michigan agriculture and an adaptable all-weather dark beer. There's more, but I'm too thirsty now to go on.

For the longest time, Upper Hand Beer was only available in the U.P. and it took a long road trip or bribing your buddy to grab you a couple of cases while he was up there to get your hands on this delectable treat. Then a small hail Mary was thrown to us flat-landers...The company began delivering south of the bridge late last year but availability was limited to only northern Michigan. Close, but no cigar.

That's why this tease left on social media can only mean one thing - its finally reached our corner of Michigan my friends...but where?

Here's the tease posted on Upper Hand social media - see if you can guess.

So where do you think the brew will end up in Kalamazoo? If you read the 411 below on Upper Hand it will clue you and maybe even narrow down your choices more.

The 411 on Upper Hand Brewery 

Upper Hand Brewery is a crew of hikers, campers, dog-walkers, anglers, hunters, bikers, and folks that just want to get out there. We believe that life’s mission is to do what you love, where you love, with the people you love. For us, that means brewing the best beer we can, in the best place on Earth: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We put a lot of thought into brewing beer that reflects what we love about where we live. We have the unique opportunity to try and capture an experience—a sense of place—in each and every beer, and we take it seriously. That’s not to say we don’t have a lot of fun. The U.P. is full of adventures and we love making beer that makes those adventures even better. A little more about us: our founder—Larry Bell of Bell’s Brewery—had always dreamed of opening a brewery in the Upper Peninsula. Little clues of those dreams can be found in many of the classic Bell’s brands, which pay tribute to the U.P. in their names and label artwork. His dream became a reality when we broke ground on our 20-barrel brewhouse in 2013, and we haven’t looked back since.

I would reveal the locale to you but I need to be first in line and can't afford to have too many of you knowing. It's nothing personal, its just business....good beer business.

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