Out of clever Halloween costume ideas?  Want to show a little Kalamazoo Pride?  I have five Kalamazoo-centric costume how-tos that will make you the talk around the apple-bobbing barrel.

1) Derek Jeter

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  • Basic costume needs: baseball uniform with Yankee's logo and number 2, baseball hat, cleats, batting gloves
  • Props to complete look: baseball bat, catcher's mitt
  • Optional props to seal the deal: two or three underprivileged children frequently asking for your autograph


2) Boom Box Ronnie

Josh Trevino/YouTube
  • Basic costume needs: a used Spongebob Squarepants or Scooby-Doo costume, baseball cap, facial hair, confidence
  • Props to complete look: portable music player of choice
  • Optional props to seal the deal: a lesser rapper to drop sick rhymes on and embarrass in front of party guests, memorize this whole NSFW video.


3) Matt Giraud

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  • Basic costume needs: button down shirt (preferably in a solid color), black vest, black tie, hipster hat (of the fedora or trilby variety), smart slacks, dress shoes, facial hair, necklace
  • Props to complete the look: Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano, microphone
  • Optional props to seal the deal: "Wild Card" from Uno deck worn in breast pocket


4) Beer

  • Basic costume needs: men's or women's beer costume
  • Props to complete the look: N/A
  • Optional props to seal the deal: Depending on your favorite local craft beer choice:
    • Arcadia: Celtic knot jewelry
    • Bells: Bell jewelry, or sew bells to the costume, itself
    • Boatyard: Sailor hat
    • Gonzo's: Dog collar
    • Hopcat: black cat ears headband
    • ...you get the idea.


5) Banana Car

  • See below: