As the Summer winds down and everyone gets into the swing of Fall,  It is a good time to chill out and listen to some great live rock.  There are many legendary live albums out there, but here are five personal favorites to listen to This Labor Day Weekend.

Kiss, "Alive"

They are so hit and miss on their regular albums that it is no surprise that this is still considered one of their best.


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, "Live Anthology"

This is a four disc set of some of the best live recordings of the history of the band.  It ranges from their best songs to covers to album tracks.   One of my favorite tracks on here is an instrumental version of the "Goldfinger" Theme from The James Bond film.


Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, "Live Bullet"

One of those albums that I finally got a hold of on vinyl.  This has been one of the albums that I've heard through out my entire life that I never tire of.  I think it is one of the best albums ever to come out of our state.


Genesis, "Seconds Out"

This album has become a big favorite.  If you only know Phil Collins from his 80's work with Genesis and His solo work check this album out.   "Squonk" is one of my favorite Genesis songs with Phil singing.  This also features Phil singing the entire "Supper's Ready" track live.


Pearl Jam, 7-11-03-"Mansfield, Massachusetts"

Being a die hard fan of Pearl Jam it was hard to pick one live release to include on here.  This show featured a 12 song acoustic set that the band did before their opener at the time.  They came back to rip through a killer set that included great covers of "I Believe In Miracles", 'Know Your Rights" and "Fortunate Son".    This ended up being one of the longest shows the band ever performed.