As Alice Cooper joins the list of artists to have their own pinball machine, I look back at five favorite games to feature musicians.

This list features games that I enjoyed and have actually played.  Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to play any of the classic pinball machines to feature musicians like Kiss, Metallica, AC/DC.   Except for one which is on this list.

Revolution X: Featuring Aerosmith

This game is one of my favorites as it not only features the classic music of Aerosmith, but it lets you shoot everything on the screen.   I first had the chance to play this game back during my freshman year in college in 1994.

I was at a mall somewhere in Ohio and saw the game in the arcade there.   Played it once and when I heard,"Eat The Rich" playing in the background, I was hooked on this game.   I eventually played the Sega Genesis version which was decent, but it wasn't the level of the arcade version.


Journey: Arcade Game

I liked this game at the time more for that it featured the band and their music more than the actual story line of the game.   If you don't remember it you got to play as each member of the band.

The goal for each level was to retrieve their instrument.  Eventually when you finish all the levels there was a cut scene where the band would play, "Separate Ways".   Fun game to play back in 1983.


Guitar Hero: Metallica

It was hard to choose between all the artist specific and regular Guitar Hero and Rock Band games that were released.    I picked this one mostly due to the fun of playing Metallica's songs in the game and some of the non Metallica songs in it.


Beatles Rock Band 

Rock Band became one of my all time favorite games.  When I heard they were going to put out a Beatles one I knew I would have it the day it was released.

It had all of their classic songs, featured them and was fun to play every instrument.   Songs like, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Hey Bulldog" and "The End" were a few of my favorites.

I also liked to try to play the bass part on "I Saw Her Standing There" as it was one of the more difficult instrumental parts in the game.


The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard 

Out of all the cool looking rocker pinball machines that have come out over the years this is the only one I have ever seen and played.

The machine features the music from, "Tommy" and has many of the themes of the album in the game.

Five favorites that I have played over the years.   I hope sometime to come across the new and old Kiss pinball machines.  I also hope to someday try the AC/DC and Metallica ones.

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