Well, we're all aware by now that the Lions lost a heartbreaker on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, which inevitably ended their season before we all thought it probably should. A lot of blame is being thrown around, as it usually is, whether it be unjustly toward Dan Campbell, or Jared Goff, or at the referees, who actually kept the game pretty clean of any laundry on the field.

But there might be something else at work here that changed the tide of things on Sunday in San Francisco, and it has nothing to do with the game. In fact, it has everything to do with the halftime performance from Journey.

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Normally, we wouldn't chalk up some cockamamy idea like a rock band throwing the game for the Lions, but there was something strange afoot on Sunday.

Journey was playing the halftime show of the NFC Championship in San Francisco, and under normal circumstances, that seems fine. In fact, it's nice to see that live rock music was at least being used SOMEWHERE in the NFL, even if they won't ever do it for the Super Bowl Halftime show.

But there's a very specific lyric in one of Journey's most popular songs that may have changed the course of the game.

Ahead of the halftime performance, the Lions were dominating. Jared Goff and the team were humming, and went into the locker room with a 24-7 lead on the road. Everything felt right. But then... Journey performed.

Over the soundsystem you hear the iconic song kick up with the bassy keyboard line, and then the lyrics start....

"Just a city boy... born and raised in San Francisco..."

Wait... WHAT?

Yes. Journey pandered to the home crowd, and instead of just performing the song as they always do, with the lyrics the whole world knows and loves... they turned the tide of the game against the Lions.

From that point on, the Lions couldn't catch a break. From the rare fumble by Jahmyr Gibbs, to the Brock Purdy pass that bounced off of Kindle Vildor's facemask, right into Brandon Aiyuk's hands at the 4 -yard-line. Everything turned against the Lions. Even Dan "Gamble's" luck suddenly ran out, when on a fourth and short, he decided to go for it - as he normally would - instead of kicking a field goal.

The Lions imploded after one of the most well-executed halves of football in Lions History to open the game.

There can be only one reason.... Journey turning its back on Detroit.

So, in fact, we WILL Stop Believin'... in Journey for the foreseeable future.

#OnePride Go Lions!

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