Last night was the final game for the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills.   Lots of memories of not only the Pistons, but of many great shows that I personally experienced at the arena. 

I haven't been to the Palace of Auburn Hills as much as I would have liked.   There have been many events I for whatever reason could not attend.   There are some that I was lucky enough to have seen.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Roger Waters "The Wall"

One of the best shows I have ever seen.   I have always been a Pink Floyd fan and made sure to be at this show.   It was during the first leg of the tour in 2010.   I had probably the worst seats in the arena and still had a great view.   With those seats, I got to see everything that was shown on the wall, to seeing the various objects that popped up around the stage.  A classic that I will always remember.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

I never had seen them and this was during the release of their album, "Mojo".  My wife and I ended up with great seats (due to low sales we were given better tickets).   All the hits, I even enjoyed the opener which was Drive By Truckers.  If you get a chance to see Tom Petty this summer do so.

Pistons vs. 76er's

This is one of two Pistons games I had the chance to see over the years.   This was my first ever visit to the Palace.  I don't remember the specific year I think it was either 1991 or 1992.    I believe the Pistons won.   The only real memory I have of this game was I remember Bill Laimbeer fighting with Charles Barkley.

Family Values Tour 1999

Not a favorite show but it is on this list for being the first concert I saw at The Palace.  This was probably one of the weaker lineups for that tour.  This one featured Limp Bizkit, Filter and Staind.  It also had a few rappers that I can't remember and I think The Crystal Method was also apart of it.  The only parts of the show I can remember is that Staind was good (this is when they just came up) and I liked what Filter did.   Also Joe C. known for his time with Kid Rock made an appearance with Limp Bizkit.

Neil Diamond

As it now stands this will be my last visit to the Palace.   My wife got tickets to his show at the Palace on June 2nd.   I have enjoyed his music over the years and hope this is a great show if it ends up being my last at the Palace.

Some good memories and I hope once the Little Caesars Arena opens I will get the chance to build some new memories seeing some great events in Detroit.

Bonus Video: It's Possible To Make An Accurate Map of Detroit With Your Hand


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