The Palace Of Auburn Hills is set to close after Bob Seger plays there one last time on September 23rd.  As the venue closes,  I will look back at some of the shows I have had the chance to see at the arena. Last up Roger Waters, "The Wall".

I have never had the chance to see either Pink Floyd or any member of the band live.  When Roger Waters announced the return of "The Wall"  I knew I had to see it.

I had probably the worst seats you could have at the Palace for this show.   They were the last row in the upper section and turn out to be obstructed view.    My wife and I had to stand for the entire show but it worked out as we could see the entire wall and stage.

The show was the entire "The Wall" album played in it's entirety (show set list).  As the band performs the wall is built.  There are also various puppet characters that pop up such as the schoolmaster, mother and wife.

I have listened to the album many times and have also seen the film.  The live show just adds to the overall story of the classic album.  Music, lights and images projected on the Wall.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

If i had to choose favorite parts of the show it would be what is the first half of the double album.   The start of the show through the intermission.   I also enjoyed from, "In The Flesh"  through the end when the wall comes down.

The band was tight and Roger sounded great.   One of the best visual shows I think I have ever had the chance to see live.

The best show I have seen at the Palace.   I could not find any clips from the Palace show from 2010.   There is a great clip of the Wall from the film that was released that gives you an idea on what you would of seen if you made it to this show.

Bonus Video: McKellyism: Talk Slower


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