I'm not much for those courtroom shows on daytime television. I had my bubble burst once when a comedian friend of mine pointed out that he'd sued his best friend three times just to get on the show.

But if THIS were an episode of Judge Judy, you better believe I'd watch it on repeat. (Watch below)

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This woman in Flint, MI is suing a guy over a bad date... ONE date. QaShontae Short sued Richard Jordan for "intentional infliction of emotional distress," claiming they had a bad date. Basically, it wasn't perfect, didn't meet her expectations, so, she's suing.

She CLAIMS Jordan "deliberately and intentionally hurt her when he 'did not show and left on [her] mother's birthday and [her] mom had just passed away.'"

HOW is he supposed to know this?

Regardless, this court appearance over ZOOM might be my favorite thing to watch, ever.

Short looks like she's out shopping during their court appearance. Props to Jordan, the guy she's suing, for wearing a collared shirt, and sitting in a professional setting for this.

But that's where the niceties pretty well end. About a minute and a half into this video, the judge is ALREADY on edge. Then, 10 seconds later, all hell breaks loose, and this woman basically tells the judge how "law" works.

THEN, she has the audacity to TELL the judge, "We're done here. Do not insult my intelligence. I know what perjury is. Don't insult my intelligence. We're done here."

Um... I think the judge decides when "we're done here."

By far, though, the best part of this entire video, is Jordan's reactions through the whole thing. Just watching this woman break down "internet law" to an actual judge, and having NO clue as to what's actually going on.


Same, my guy... Same.

I think he says maybe 10 words the whole time, but really, he didn't have to, because the whole thing ends when SHE HANGS UP! This woman says "We ARE done here," and hangs up on a court appearance!

If I'm this judge, I'm awarding damages to this guy, and doubling that $10,000 she initially filed the complaint for. Clearly THIS guy went through the real emotional distress.

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