Today I reached a milestone with my car.  For the first time that I've ever owned a vehicle, I hit 200,000 miles.

I have owned my 2004 Impala for almost 10 years.   I bought the car in 2006 and it had around 48,000 miles on it.   Most of the mileage has been over the last 5 years, as I've commuted from Battle Creek To Kalamazoo to work here at The Rocker.

I have had some engine issues with it lately, so 300,000 is not going to happen.  I'll be amazed if I get it to 205,000 miles.  It's been a fantastic car and I've had a good run with it.

Have a high mileage vehicle?  If so how many miles are on it?


Photo by Fly
Photo by Fly


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