With the Foo Fighters ready to take some time off, what will Dave Grohl do to keep himself busy during the off time?

A New Probot Album:

One thing that I always wish Dave would do is a second Probot album.   Probot is the title of Dave's metal side project that came out back in 2004.   It featured guest artist  Lemmy from Motorhead, Cronos of Venom, Lee Dorian, King Diamond, Wino among others.

I doubt something like this could be completed during downtime from the Foo Fighters but you never know.


A New Them Crooked Vultures Album:

I want to see Dave get back together with John Paul Jones and Josh Homme for another album from Them Crooked Vultures.

The first album was great and I would be curious to see what this trio could come up with next.    This album, like the Probot record would probably take a few years to put together but I think it should be on the list for Dave to do sometime soon.


Play Drums With Anybody:

Still one of the best albums from Queens of the Stone Age is their 3rd album, "Songs For The Deaf".    The album featured Dave on drums. I would love to see him play drums with not only Queens of The Stone Age again, but with anybody, any band in any genre.


Put Out A Solo Album:

Dave recently did the song, "Play" which features him on every instrument on the track.  I would be interested in seeing him put something together like this song, but as a full album.   The album can have guest appearances from any of the Foo Fighters or even former bandmate Krist Novoselic.


Do Nothing:

Take the time off recharge and start up a new Foo Fighters album when the time is right.


What do you think?  what would you like to see Dave Grohl do once the Foo Fighters take a break?

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