Remember back in August when I posted about those receiving food assistance in Michigan would soon have to participate in work requirements?  Ya, I forgot about that too!  Well, the date for implementation is October 1, 2018 and the so-called "free ride" is over.  We can only hope that those who are legitimately in need of help are not impacted negatively in any way.

Our friends at did a nice refresher on what this is all about.  People receiving assistance between the ages of 18-49 with no dependents and are able to work must work in order to get their benefits.  As I've had time to think about it I see 2 major benefits.  First, the original intent was for benefits to be temporary as the person(s) in question was given time to re-set and do what is necessary to integrate back into the work force.  Should this be more "incentive" to go back to work, we really need workers right now.  Second, as I pointed out in August, other states that instituted similar requirements saw a huge decline in individuals taking advantage of a "free ride".  So, hopefully, it turns out to be a win win.