A couple of years ago I was reading about one of the East coast states that instituted a program that required individuals getting assistance from the state that were able-bodied and not impaired in any way to put in 10-20 hours of community service in order to maintain their status.  Obviously, the idea was targeted at those people who were intentionally and deceptively free-loading on the state.  The result was a decrease of about half of citizens from the rolls.  Apparently, they were able to work after all.

Something similar is taking place here in Michigan as outlined in an article in the The Free Press.  Yesterday the state of Michigan sent out 67,000 letters to people on food assistance that they will be required to work.  Here's the deal much like what they did on the East coast, if you are between the ages of 18-49, have no dependents, are not disabled or otherwise exempt, you will have to be employed to keep your benefits.  There are other obvious exemptions such as you're pregnant, a victim of domestic violence or physically or mentally unable to work the required amount.

It is very important to note that, as we talk about every year with Dollar Drive Through, there are many families with working parents that need help putting food on the table and we certainly don't want to inhibit that process.  Check out some of the other information by clicking HERE.


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