A local family used the inspiration of their child to take on a new journey, which will see a new and unique ice cream shop open up at 303 1/2 W. Chicago Rd in Sturgis, MI. Named "Freakin' Sweets," the

shop will host unusual sweet combinations served with hard ice cream and offer "Freak Shakes," create-your-own ice cream sandwiches, ice cream flights and homemade specialty waffle cones. They'll also give out a Tiny Tot Ice Cream for someone 3 or younger for free with a purchase of a full priced menu item. They recently dropped the announcement on their newly formed social media page:
When coming up with the idea of Freakin’ Sweets we decided we wanted to do things a little different by bringing creativity and imagination in the form of ice cream to our hometown. It was our (almost) 7 year old who came up with the concept when she repeatedly begged us for hard scooped ice cream with gummy bears on top. Not sure what YouTube kids video she watched to come up with that but we started thinking…there isn’t a place like that for over 40 miles, so we made one.
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Mindy went on:
Our daughter came up with the idea, Chris figured out the finances and is doing the renovations, and Mindy came up with…just about everything else while the baby sits there and looks cute.
The date they've set to open is May 27th at 11.a.m, and the Sturgis community is already excited about this new business that will be open soon.

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