An all-points bulletin has been issued by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff for an unusual suspect.

He could be described as "elfed and dangerous," and might be said to be armed with Christmas cheer. The hunt is on for a North Pole escapee wanted for multiple offenses, and the perpetrator may have found his way to Kalamazoo.

One December 10, Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office issued an APB via Facebook for Evans the Elf. The wrongdoer has brown hair and blue eyes and is described as having a permanent grin and rosy cheeks. The Sheriff cautions not to approach the lawbreaker and warns "do not touch." The diminutive suspect is wanted for "a string of international criminal activities" including home invasion, trespassing, stalking, loitering, and "acting as an unlicensed private investigator per state privacy acts."

Will kids be dismayed if Evans the Elf is apprehended or will they be pleased that he no longer monitors their every activity to report back to Santa?

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