If you plan on traveling for the holidays, gas prices are down 40% from where they were at this time last year.

Traveling is a topic that many have on their minds. Yes gas prices are down, but is a trip across state lines or even hours across the state worth it during a pandemic?

I normally travel to my parents' house across the state but this year they will be coming to my house for the holidays. We only have seven people in our bubble and all seven have tested negative for COVID-19.

According to FOX 17, GasBuddy has new holiday travel broken down on the number of Americans that will be on roads this year to visit with family and friends during the holidays.

One of the only silver linings I have found during the pandemic has been lower gas prices. I drive 50 minutes to work and from work so I burn some serious gas each week and definitely appreciate the savings. Especially if I drive my truck vs my car.

In the GasBuddy survey, they discovered nearly 35% of Americans are planning to drive somewhere for the holidays and nearly 40% plan to cross state lines in doing so.

COVID-19 has been a huge factor for many families and discouraging nearly 60% to not travel at all this year. 10% of those who normally travel by plane will be sticking to 4 wheels on the ground for 2020.

According to data FOX 17 gathered from GasBuddy, the national average price of gas will be around $2.19 a gallon Christmas Day.

Right here in Michigan I have already been seeing gas prices as low as $1.92 per gallon and wouldn't be surprised to see it even lower as more people are staying home for the holidays plus won't be working because they are off for the holidays.

As the vaccine gets out into communities and more and more people get back to work, you can bank on the demand for gas to increase and with that demand you can expect gas prices to rise the later we get into 2021.

Always remember to where a glove or gloves while pumping gas and if you don't immediately use hand sanitizer or wash your hands to keep from the spread of COVID-19 at gas pumps.

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