Geek Fest is back and better than ever! This year they're moving out of Mattawan and setting up four hours of everything geek at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center! Join your fellow cosplayers and gamers on Saturday, September 29th from 11am to 3pm for guest speakers, activities, comics, crafts, robotics, and so much more! Get more information here. If you've got a geeky side, Geek Fest 2018 is for you. Seriously. Their list of this year's events is crazy. From new table top games to classic video games, Geek Fest has every gamer covered. Come as your favorite comic book super hero or as your latest Dungeons and Dragons character (expect Dwarf Paladin - how embarrassing if we showed up wearing the same costume, amiright?). Embrace your geek and celebrate with your own kind at Geek Fest 2018.


Bonus Video: Definitely Bishop - Getting in Touch with your Inner Geek

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