For Teens - Learn Cosplay Basics at Kalamazoo Public Library
Whether you're an asipiring Captain Jack Sparrow or Harley Quinn, or you want to suss out your kind of nerd and become something obscure only the most die-hard fans will appreciate, you have to get some skills. The Kalamazoo Public Library is hosting a four-week session on cosplay basics. Every…
Calling All Nerds! Get Ready for Geek Fest 2019
Hosted by the our local libraries, it's an afternoon of comic book artists and illustrators, cosplay, crafts, cool technology, gaming, and more. Best of all, it's an event the whole family can attend. It's time to let your freak flag flyI Mark your calendars for the dorkiest day, your…
Mermaid MegaFest Splashes in to South Haven this Weekend
It's not just a weekend of nautical cosplay. Mermaid MegaFest is a celebration of the mythical mermaid and a call to action. We need to protect our waterways, clean up our beaches, and protect the animals that call our oceans home. But why not have a blast while making a difference, right?