It's not just a weekend of nautical cosplay. Mermaid MegaFest is a celebration of the mythical mermaid and a call to action. We need to protect our waterways, clean up our beaches, and protect the animals that call our oceans home. But why not have a blast while making a difference, right? That's what Mermaid MegaFest is all about! There will be painting classes, a mermaid swim experience, the Pirate Street Faire (yes, please), and Siren's Ball. Plus, they aim to break the Guiness Book of World Records with the most mermaids gathered on one beach. Make or buy your costume and register free to help them reach their goal!

What a great way to blend whimsy with a cause! Check out a list of all of the events here, and learn more about (and how to donate to) their mission.

Bonus Video: Getting in Touch with Your Dork

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