Kalamazoo On Tap Craft Beer Festival is coming up on Saturday at Homer Stryker Field and one of my favorite things about craft beers is all the funny/weird names given to beers around the country and around the world.  In fact, depending on the name I may or may not want to try a certain beer.  And if a beer's name really makes me laugh, I certainly want to try it.

Kalamazoo On Tap 2015


So, as we get ready for Saturday, I thought it may be fun to test your Bulls#*t detector and see if you can figure out which one of these is NOT an actual beer.

1. Hoppy Ending

2. Amber's Hot Friend

3. IPA Hole

4. Baby Got Bock

5. Citra Ass Down

Kick it around.  Pass it along and I'll have the results tomorrow.

Bonus Video:  Best Beer Belch

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