Truth is, cabin fever is a real problem for a lot of us. So if you're one of the many in West Michigan who's itching to go do something that's outside of your four walls, maybe instead of taking a long, costly trip, you make a trip downtown Grand Rapids for a staycation.

WOODTV reports that Experience Grand Rapids just launched an initiative to help the struggling hospitality industry downtown as around 80% of people surveyed said they were ready for a trip somewhere.  Now through April, if you stay at one of 10 participating hotels downtown Grand Rapids, you can save 25% off your second night's stay.

Janet Korn, the senior vice president of Experience Grand Rapids told WOODTV,

“We’ve been talking a lot about the restaurants and helping them recover from the impacts of the pandemic, but our other aspects of the hospitality industry and the hotels specifically have also been impacted. So, this is a really great way to take your family on a little trip close to home and also help the community and all of the people that are employed in the hospitality industry that would like to get their jobs back.”

Downtown Grand Rapids just wrapped up World of Winter GR, but spring is bound to bring plenty more stuff to do around the downtown area, including the restaurants now able to open to 50% capacity, as well as plenty of outdoor space in the social zones. Also from the World Of Winter GR, the Hybycozos at Ah-Nab-Awen Park is still on display as well as the Seasonal Wonders Projection Show which will both hang around until March 14th.

Other things you can do during a staycation are the museums, which are open, over at Frederik Meijer Garden the butterflies are back, and as of April 3rd, the John Ball Zoo also opens. Just a few ideas of things you could do on a staycation.  You can find out more on the Experience GR website.


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