Earlier this week my wife and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and decided to try the brand new Grand River Brewery in Downtown Marshall.

The new Marshall location is at 101 W. Michigan and is the second location for the brewery which is also in Jackson.

I have never been to the one in Jackson and was curious to check out this new location.

First thing I had to try was their beer,  a pretty decent list and for my first I tried, "Monkey Mouth" IPA  I enjoyed it.  Along with the beer they also have their own distillery.  I didn't get to try anything else and hope to do so in future visits.

The appetizer list looked great and for our first time there we had the pretzels which comes with a "Monkey Mouth" mustard.   It was spicy so if you don't like heat you can get cheese for extra.   They also have poutine which is on my list to get next time.  My wife wants to try their tempura green beans.

The entrees were fantastic my wife had their smoked brisket and I had the jaeger schnitzel.  The only thing we didn't enjoy was the coleslaw.   It is more vinegar based and I enjoy the creamier kind.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

We unfortunately didn't get a chance to try any of their desserts.    Table next to us had the Key Lime Pie and it looked good.  Add that to the list to try on our next visit.

The brewery is still in their soft opening phase but they are getting ready for their grand opening which will be on Saturday, September 29th.

With the opening of Grand River Brewery, Marshall now has two breweries including Dark Horse.  I believe that both can thrive as they both have their own beers and both  have totally different menus.  It fits right in with the dining history of Marshall and I hope to visit again soon.