It's been really hard processing the loss of such an admired individual who passed his craft onto so many people in Southwest Michigan. The unexpectant passing of Deej Joslin, the owner of Grand St. Tattoo in Schoolcraft has left the family in disarray, and the question of the tattoo shop's future in a questionable state, until recently when they announced it's in the best interest that they close their doors for good. One of their artists, Geoff has been keeping up with the page, but made it clear that the best thing to do was to close, in a statement made on the page:

So as of yesterday Deej's family and I figured it would be best if we close down the shop. We appreciate all the love shown and all the clients over the years.
A few things. Bear with me while I try to find another shop, I will be keeping this page open for a while to still try to get anyone in that would like to get in once I do find somewhere. Sorry if messages have went unanswered for a little bit. This was a tough decision for all of us. I am still honoring the raffle as well. I will do the drawing this week, still time to get a few tickets while we clear out. And as soon as I get into another shop, that will be one of the first things that I figure out.
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Gift certificates that were purchased for Grand Street will be honored once Geoff finds a new shop. Funds are still being raised to go to the family.

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