And the expansion continues!  Downtown Kalamazoo continues to grow up and out with 2 huge projects nearly complete or in progress.  The Stryker facilities on Portage Rd across from Pfizer are well into the planned schedule.  Now we here of another global giant that has shown it's confidence in the area with a major undertaking. reported that our friends at Graphic Packaging International have purchased land near the paper mill in Kalamazoo, including the old Checker Motors site.  The project centers around a new machine that will improve productivity and quality while also having a positive impact on the environment.  Apparently this state-of-the-art machine takes existing paper materials and makes new paperboard out of it.  This will increase output by about 70% making Michigan home to the most coated, recycled cardboard manufacturers in the United States.  Something else we can be proud of.  If you want to get more information just click HERE.

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