Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I scour the interwebs to find the best (and worst) thoughts floating around social media.  Without further ado…

Here are the BEST Great Moments in Facebook History for today, Monday, March 6th, 2017:

  • The trick to farting in an elevator is wearing a suit. No one ever suspects the guy in the suit
  • I thought we had something. You met my family, you made me dinner, you called me Honey. Now suddenly you are just a "waitress" who was "doing her job".
  • Alcohol is like a push up bra for your personality...
  • I have nothing in common with people who replace bread ties.
  • My mom keeps asking me if I have a girlfriend. I mean give it a rest mom, it's never going to happen between us.

(Found on TJs Home)

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