Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I scour the interwebs to find the best (and worst) thoughts floating around social media.  Without further ado…

Here are the BEST Great Moments in Facebook History for today, Friday, March 3rd, 2017:

  • This year for Lent I'm giving up hanging out with all the people who gave up drinking for Lent.
  • Ever notice that the first 10 seconds of a medical drug commercial is spent telling you what the drug is for and the rest basically daring you to take it?
  • Can I have one of those ‘eternal sunshine’ type memory wipe please? Except at the end we wouldn’t meet and get together again, I’d just be compelled to repeatedly kick him in the crotch without knowing why.
  • (Loco Eric) My son asked what it was like to be married, so I deleted all the music on his ipod except 1 song.
  • (Sporcle) You meet a man on the Oregon Trail. He tells you his name is Terry.  You laugh and tell him: “That’s a girl’s name!” Terry shoots you.  You have died of dissin’ Terry.

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